Murder In The First

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PLOT This movie, Murder in the First, is starred by the character of a 17 year old Henri Young who was sent to Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a prison located in the center of San Francisco Bay. Henri Young was sent to Alcatraz from stealing 5 dollars from a local convenience store which was also a post office in order to provide his younger orphaned sister food. Alcatraz was a prison for very threatening criminals such as Al Capone and George Kelly. Henri Young, who was sent to Alcatraz for a small crime, tried to escape from the “inescapable” prison along with some other criminals. Alongside Henri, Rufus McCain and other unnamed men were caught trying to escape. After getting caught, Rufus McCain who was seeking a smaller punishment admitted to the crime and told on everyone else who was in on the plan. All of the attempted escapees were put into solitary confinement for nineteen days. Rufus McCain was put in for nineteen days; however Henri Young was put in for three years! Those three years in a dark dungeon toyed with his head and left him in a bad mental state. While in confinement, all he could think about was murdering the person who told on him to the Warden. That person was none other than Rufus McCain. After being let out to the general prison cafeteria, he stabbed Rufus with a spoon to his throat. Henri was sitting beside death as he was going to be given a life sentence. As a formality, this had to be decided in court with Mr. Young given a legit lawyer to defend himself. The lawyer he was given was a rookie, it was his first case, Mr. James Stamp hill. He knew the man was guilty as there were an uncountable number of witnesses, however as he became a friend of Henri Young, he realized it was not Henri’s fault. In James’ words, Henri Young was the “weapon” of another person or a group of people. His point was that the sanity was taken out of

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