Mundane Vs. Marvelous Essay

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English 1302 | Critical Essay: Mundane and Marvelous | Edilberto Hernandez | Mundane is the word used to describe something that belongs or pertaining to this world or earth. It describes things or events to be common, ordinary, and unimaginative. Marvelous on the other hand, describes something to be miraculous or supernatural. It causes wonder and astonishment. It is also used to describe things to be of high-rate, to be the highest of best kind of quality. In the X-Files episode, “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, both mundane and marvelous events and things are clearly expressed throughout the show side by side. The town, people, and everyday life for the place shown were all mundane and nothing ever happened there. They worshiped the Jerry Springer show to something marvelous, almost God like. This ugly, supernatural monster created wonder and astonishment throughout the town, and also brought excitement to the towns’ people. In The Last Waltz this yin and yang of mundane and marvelous is also present throughout the movie. The Canadian rock stars feel that at first in their career it was all marvelous and that life for them was exciting with all the fame, money, woman, and drugs even. After a while everything seemed to become mundane and some excitement they had before was fading away. The group was growing apart and it just wasn’t like it used to be. In “A Rose for Emily”, the story describes the females struggle in the mundane reality Emily lives in. She tried compromising but fell into the tragedy. In the quotation, “Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town…” here she is remembered as marvelous you could say, she was an object of fascination. Many people feel compelled to protect her, whereas others feel free to monitor her every move, a kind of yin and yang or mundane and marvelous.

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