Advantages Of Multilingualism

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Multilingualism: The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Acquisition of Multiple Languages All humans, save for a few in extenuating circumstances, have the ability to learn and use language at an expert level. In some cases, these individuals learn more than one language at a time or they learn to speak a different language later in life. In the past few decades, language acquisition and multilingualism have received an increasing amount of interest among linguists and psychologists. While early research on bilingualism suggests that attaining more than one language at a time could be deleterious to learning, more recent studies have shown that being bilingual could be, in fact, beneficial in several ways (Adescope, 2010) including…show more content…
I was raised in the United States by Mexican parents. In school, were you placed in any sort of bilingual system (ex. ESL, immersion)? If so, for how long? Yes, I was in ESL my pre-K and kindergarden years as well as my 3 years in middle school. What language was spoken at home? Are your parents also multilingual? Spanish with parents and both English and Spanish with siblings. Parents are not completely multilingual but are understanding of the Spanish language and some of the English language. Although the English language is somewhat understood by them, I would not label them as multilingual. Do you identify more with a particular culture (i.e. Spanish = Mexcian culture, English = American culture)? Are you able to intermix the different cultures. I would say the American culture because of my surroundings day in and day out. I am able to intermix the different cultures because of my upbringing and exposure to the American culture. Do you consider yourself dominant in one language over another? Why? Not necessarily but I do think I am more educated in the English language due to my education in the American school system. Studying English literature and grammar starting in the early years and continuing on through
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