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RUNNING HEAD: Second Language Fluency Second Language Fluency Kim Brown Grand Canyon University: ESL-523N January 23, 2013 Sandra Brown was born in Mexico City, Mexico and came to the United States in the year 1995. For Mexico education begins very early. Preschool is very intense and the children start learning at the ages of three or four. The children in preschool go through three very difficult levels of learning before they even get to the first grade. the public schools in Mexico are free and required up to the ninth grade. Students start Primary schools at the age of six and continue until they finish the sixth grade. What Mexico calls the lower secondary education goes for three years. They are not taught a second language…show more content…
Mexico City, Mexico 3) When did you begin to learn English? 1995-1996 I worked with a lady who had a daughter and I taught her Spanish and was learning English by watching her television shows. Such as, Sesame Street and Barney. 4) How long before you felt you could fluently speak English? 2 years 5) Since English was not taught in public schools; how did you learn the English language? Family and TV 6) What was the most difficult part of learning English? Spelling English 7) Did you continue to practice your English after high school before coming to the U.S.? Public schools in Mexico do not teach English you have to go to a private or special school which you have to pay for. 8) Do you think that all teachers should receive special training for ELL or be required to receive their certification in ELL? Yes teachers should be given special training for ELL so that they know what they are doing and can become more efficient in teaching and understanding their students. 9) Was there anything that made it difficult for you to learn the English language? None 10) What strategies did you use when learning the English language? TV Reference Brown, S. (2013). Personal

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