Multicultural Education Essay

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In order to have effective and successful implementation of multicultural education there are many components and aspects that need to be addressed. Multicultural education consists of more than just following a guide and including various cultural content. It is complex and consists of a well thought out process and plan. Your school district needs a policy statement on multicultural education that clearly communicates the board of education’s commitment to creating and maintaining schools in which students from both gender groups and from diverse racial, ethnic, social-class, cultural, and language groups will have an equal opportunity to learn (Banks, 2008). A school districts policy statement has multiple purposes including providing legitimacy and promoting the development of programs, and communicating the value of multicultural education to the district. Culturally and racial diverse staff is key in reinforcing the district view about diversity as well as enhancing students experience and understanding. Therefore it is important to create policies and procedures for ensuring a diverse staff. It is also important for schools to develop programs that increase attitudes and expectation toward diverse students. I have learned first-hand of the effect on people’s achievements and behavior from other’s attitudes and expectations. Developing a cultural content rich and diverse curriculum is key in developing student’s abilities to consider alternate perspectives and ways of thinking. Teachers play an extremely important role in a schools multicultural education. To ensure proper preparation for pre service teachers’ effective pre service multicultural education programs should be adopted. Soliciting parental support and involvement is a great way to encourage school and home communication. I also learned that noninvolvement does not equal non parent interest
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