Multicultural Education Essay

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Multiculturalism’s Five Dimensions Dr. James A. Banks on Multicultural Education The article presents the five dimensions of Multicultural Education, and how teachers can help transform the world by giving equal opportunities to all students and create positive racial attitudes. New information and relevancy to my personal life - As many teachers I thought multicultural education is mostly a matter of content integration and the extent to which teachers use content from a variety of cultures and groups to illustrate key concepts, principles, and theories in their subject area. In certain subjects, like social studies, there are more opportunities to integrate ethnic and cultural content, so it is difficult to see why learning about multicultural education would be relevant to all teachers. After reading the article I understand that content integration in the curriculum is only the first dimension of multicultural education. Students come to school with prejudices toward different groups and that is why all teachers, whether you teach math or social studies, should be sensitive to that matter and work towards reduce prejudice in their classrooms and school and create a more positive racial attitude among the students. It is in the hands of educators to encourage students to become more critical readers and thinkers, and help them understand the values that underline knowledge. Students need construct their own knowledge and think for themselves. Teachers need to help students understand the implicit cultural assumptions and perspectives of the discipline they’re teaching. Multicultural education also involves changing the methods of teaching and using a wide range of strategies and teaching techniques such as cooperative groups, simulations, role-playing, and discovery. Doing so, the learning process will be more effective and address the needs of students
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