Working with Additional Needs Essay

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Aman Sangha! 3121185111 EDUF 3031: Professional Statement ! The unit of study ‘Positive Approaches to Special Education’ has given me the opportunity to reflect on my practices as a pre-service teacher and how well they incorporate an inclusive approach to education. Although I have not come across children with additional needs in my practicums, inclusion has been an hidden agenda within my goals and practices. Inclusion and inclusive education are quite broad in definition, however with the support of this unit my professional understanding of inclusion has been formed by research and practices such as all student engagement, asking the question how? we can provide for diverse needs (Spandagou, Lecture 2), also Standard 1 of the Disability Education Standards (2005) identifies the need to know our students and how they learn, thus the need for personalised learning plans. The IPAA is an incredible framework, a reflective tool to assist teachers in achieving an inclusive approach to education, teaching and learning which helps to achieve standards 5 & 6 in the Disability Standards for Education (Florian, 2014, p.293). I agree with Foreman (2008) in his argument for inclusion as a concept which extends beyond the immediate environment and education to society itself. It is not ignorable the fact of discrimination and unsettlement of people around others with disability and lack of education about various disabilities and additional needs is concerning. Policies and procedures clearly outline what education providers should aim towards when creating an inclusive ethos of a school. Laws and regulations assist in translating policies and procedures to practice The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) Part 1.3 objectifies the elimination, ‘as far as possible’ the discrimination against persons with disabilities ranging from areas of work to
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