Multicultural Counseling Essay

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Multicultural Counseling I. Professional counseling is a process during which the counselor and client develop an effective relationship, one that enables the client to work through difficulties. Being in the counseling field I think my working style of counseling is collaborative. I would like to empower clients to explore their inner wisdom, strengths and passions. It is my desire to support clients' efforts to gain insight and identify solutions for their areas of concern and believe that most of the answers lie within. From my perspective, the counselor's role is to create a climate in which clients can examine their thoughts, feelings, and actions and eventually arrive at solutions that are best for them. As a counselor, it is important to be non-judgmental, when counseling or helping another person, regardless of how open-minded I may consider myself to be. Personality attributes of professional counselors has a great impact in the counseling process. Being nonjudgmental and accepting are important attributes in any of the helping professions. Three attributes that are conducive to the counseling process is empathy, trust-worthiness, and self-awareness. Counselors help people through some of the most difficult and stressful times of their lives. They must be able to display empathy that is the ability to feel what another person is feeling. Displaying empathy means that you are truly able to imagine what it's like to stand in someone else's shoes. Clark (2004) discussed that contended that a person has the capacity to direct empathic understanding to his or her own frame of reference. Through a sensitive attunement, an individual is able to empathically sense his or her own subjective internal state. In an immediate context, a person's reactions assume the form of hunches and a flow of inner feelings. In this mode, experiencing includes such reactions as
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