Mountain Climbers In Slovenia

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- Mountain climbing group that went to stara planina, suva planina , u sloveniju pohorje - Went to the gym , gymnastics. - Liked to travel a lot was in a choir that travelled to many places. - Picnic in many places very pretty faces - Also celebrated many traditional religious events . In Serbia called a slava. - Dances every Saturday - Theather, opera, movies. Songs very country and old. Traditional music that they used to listen to back then was folklore . - No television back then and no digital items so people were more friendly and hanged out more were talking in parks, fairs, they would go out together as families have picnics very often. - - Skirts were famous back them from movies, ribbons on hair. - School was the same, no one was beat it was not very rough. B - Prices of food was very low in those days in Serbia food was not baught very often, there was no such things as chips. People made chips and candies and chocolates at their own home. - Clothing was cheaper, people also used to make their own clothes less buying. - She was working at a break, selling objects and helping neighbours - She would spend that money to go on vacations with her school, but one time the school said they were not goingo so she spent that money on clothing and materials to make her own clothes. C - Telephones existed but my grandmother did not own a telephone , they were not very popular not many people had them. There were no cellphones there was a tv but only with 1 channel! So weird! - No vacuum cleaner only used broom to clean up house, no washing machines clothes were washed hand made. Clothes were dried outside of the buildings in the open they were lay down for the sun to heat up. - Only books no internet for information that meant that people had to listen in class and be there everyday or ask friends for help. It was very hard. - Cars
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