Unit 3 D1 Justify How the Plan Takes Into Account the Individual’s Cirumstances and Preferences

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Shannon Lambers circumstances are as follows: she is 15 years of age she goes to Ellowes Hall Sports College and is at this time in her last year which is year 11 she is currently a teenager, Shannon has two brothers and 4 sisters, she lives with her mom and step dad, she only lives 20-25minutes away from school, she walks to school and she has a packed lunch. Shannon doesn’t really get given any money. I think that she is not under any stress at the time being; Shannon doesn’t really have any hobbies or interests she just enjoys going out with her friends, however, she does like doing basketball in school and does tournaments when there is some. Shannon Lambers preferences are as follows: Shannon likes most sports and is very competitive in games such as football, netball, basketball etc… but she doesn’t like swimming. Shannon prefers to work with friends rather then do things individual as I think she doesn’t like to be on her own. She enjoys walking as long as she doesn’t have to walk on her own because she rarely gets the chance to be able to get a lift to school as her parents work. Shannon prefers to snack rather then to have a sit down meal at home with her family, as she goes straight out when she gets home from school and doesn’t really bother with food, for Shannon to be able to relax or stop stressing out she finds having a cigarette helps to calm her nerves. I find Shannon is a confident girl and is not embarrassed or shy about her self appearance and she also likes to be in control of things most of the time. When I set target 1 and guidance, I took the individual’s circumstances and preferences into account in the following ways as my first target was for her to be able to quit smoking I put this into consideration as she is damaging her lungs and eventually killing herself off, as smoking causes harm to the body and also causes very slow and

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