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Mosquito Cycle. Essay

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Mosquito Life Cycle
. Female order to produce
viable eggs. A female can lay multiple batches of eggs
but a new blood meal is required for each batch. On the
positive side, most mosquitoes feed on nectar and fruit
juices and as such, they help pollinate grasses and
some flowering plants.
    Mosquitoes need damp conditions to complete their
life cycle. Females will lay their eggs in or near water
sources where they will later hatch as larvae. Mosquito
larvae are worm-like organisms that move by thrashing
their abdomen. They are totally dependant on water for
their survival. Generally, larvae feed on microorganisms
and organic material in the water.
    The maturing rate of larvae depends on water
temperature and the mosquito species. In four to
twenty-one days, the mature larvae will enter a pupal
stage, where feeding ceases. After two to eight days,
mosquitoes need blood in the adult mosquito emerges.
Mosquito Facts
■   32 mosquito species have been identified in the
Moncton area, and over 3300 worldwide.
■   A single female can lay more than 200 eggs at a
time, which can survive for more than five years before
■   All mosquitoes need water to complete their life
■   Not all species bite humans, and only the female
bites. The female needs the blood as a protein source to
produce her eggs.
■   Mosquitoes feed on nectar from small flowers and
grasses. Some mosquito species prefer to bite birds,
others horses, and some will even bite frogs and
■   Mosquitoes can fly considerable distances.
■   Mosquitoes do not breed in grasses or shrubs,
although as adults they will often rest in these areas during the day

Tips to Avoid
Mosquito Bites
■   Avoid areas of high mosquito infestation.
■   Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities at dawn or
dusk; this is when mosquitoes are most active.
■   Wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts and a hat when
■   Restrict the outdoor play of children if mosquitoes...

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