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Name: Dillon Haugland_ HR: 3 Date and time: October 7th, 2012 at 11:20am and 12:10pm Abiotic Factors: Day 1 temperature: 430F Precipitation: 0 in Windy or Calm: Windy Day 2 temperature: 450F Precipitation: 0 in Windy or Calm: Calm __________________________________________________________________ Day 1 Wind Direction: SW 14 mph Humidity: 45% Dew Point: 260F Biome: river/creek Day 2 Wind Direction: SSW 15 mph Humidity: 45% Dew Point: 260F Biome: river/creek ___________________________________________________________________________ Bodies of water: A creek Physical Description: tall grass, weeds, bushes, trees, cattails, birds, water, and mud. Biotic Factors: Five plants observed. 1.…show more content…
cattails (Typha) 2. shrub/bush (threetip sagebrush) 3. tree (aspen) 4. tree (oak) 5. thorn bush (Grassburrs) Five Animals Observed: 1. Flies(Musca) 2. Duck (Anas platyrhincos) 3. Bird (Sitta) 4. Spider (Agelenopsis) 5. Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) ------____________________________________________________________________ Interactions and Adaptations: 1 animal & 1 plant adaptation that is used for energy · the fly uses waste from other animals for food/energy. · the plant gets water from the creek and helps the plant grow. 1 plant & 1 animal adaptation for protection or survival · the ducks is able to hold its breath underwater for a longer amount of time so it can collect bugs. · the plant has poison on it so scavengers do not eat it. 2 examples of scavengers · the ducks scavenge for bugs in the lake. · the flys scavenge for food or animal waste. Example of a Plant Reproduction · The plant has seeds that fall out and start to grow other plants. Example of symbiosis the fly and duck: the ducks eats the fly and gets energy. 2 Examples of animal behavior · bird gets nector from bush/flowers and brings it somewhere and helps new plants grow · duck uses water and bugs for

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