Moral Dilemma: Abortion

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RUNNING HEAD: MORAL DILEMMA: ABORTION Moral Dilemma: Abortion Janice Hill and Ale’a Tehuti (Group E1) Shaw University Ethical Issues 300 Introduction of Moral Dilemma Janice Hill and Ale’a Tehuti Abortion, just the name and what it means has always raised a moral dilemma in our society dating back before Roe vs. Wade. A moral dilemma is defined as a situation, in theory or practice, which forces a person or a group to choose between two sides each of which contains relatively an equally important set of values and which ever side the individual or group choose, they lose or undermine the set of values on the other side. Abortion, in which an individual or group has chosen between two equally important sets of conflicting value, the conservative “pro-life” are saying abortion are morally wrong, to the liberal “pro-choice” are saying abortions are morally right, and several moderate position in between. With the moral question, is abortion right or the legal one should the law allow abortion. The utilitarianism says abortion is neither right nor wrong in itself as an act utilitarian. LaNita is a nineteen year old Hispanic woman living in Garner, North Carolina and has recently broken up with her twenty-four year old boyfriend, Tomas a displaced worker. LaNita is back home living with her mother and trying to finish her GED so she can start college. LaNita is also a binge drinker, and her mother is hoping the move back in with her will curb this problem. LaNita runs out of her science class and the teacher recommend that she sees the school counselor, which she agrees to do. LaNita fines a brochure for Planned Parenthood Clinic while she waits in the school counselor’s office. LaNita secretly submits to a pregnancy test at the clinic and the clinic
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