The Ethical Sides Of Abortion Essay

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Abstract The objective of this essay is to prove that abortion is only ethical, and should only be legal when it is strictly conducted before the first ten weeks from the moment of conception. The key points supporting the purpose of this paper are: after defining when the potential of life starts (1) which is after the start of a heartbeat and (2) brain activity, (3) and focuses on what is best for society along with the value of life. The Ethical Sides of Abortion The law regarding abortion as it stands now, allows a woman to abort a fetus within the first twenty weeks after conception. There are serious debates regarding the ethics of this law, ranging from the immorality of ending human life, to the importance of human rights and federal control. It is a topic that can be vastly argued, but when considering what is best for society as a whole, it is possible to narrow down the possible outcomes. Although it is not best for society to make abortion completely illegal, there is a fine line between abortion and murder which needs to be dealt with. It is commonly agreed that murder is unethical, however, what needs to be clarified is the definition of life. The “New Oxford American Dictionary,” partly defines life as “...functional activity...” The question then is how this relates to a human fetas and abortion. In order to meet this require of life, a fetas would need both a heart beat and brain activity. This clarification combined with societies best interest indicates a clear foundation for the ethics regarding abortion. Abortion is ethical as long as it is conducted within the first ten weeks after conception. In order to validate the legitimacy of this argument several key points need to be made a little clearing. This will start with the development of a human fetus, along with a better explanation of a life. The purpose of this is to show not only

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