Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

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Matt Viani Ms. Ross Conspiracy Portfolio 10/31/2013 Moon Landings: Hoax or Not? A conspiracy theory is defined as a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Conspiracy theories have been around for decades, and have really gained an impact with the invention of the internet. Currently they have even become the norm in today’s society. It seems that after any catastrophic event the internet is inundated with stories claiming “false flag events” and “crisis actors” along with theories that appear from an alternate reality. As outlandish as some of these theories are, many sane people buy into them. Even some of the most logical thinkers have the capacity for developing wild narratives…show more content…
never landed on the moon. It has been 44 years since man took his first steps on the moon. The majority of the American public accepts the moon landings as truth, but there are a very vocal select few who refuse to accept what the government has depicted. Conspiracy theorists explain that at the time the U.S. government was desperate to beat the Russians in the space race, therefore they faked the lunar landings with the astronauts acting out their mission on a secret Hollywood set, or somewhere within Area 51. They claim since that the photos and videos of the Apollo voyage are only available through NASA, there is no other independent verification, thus the moon landings were a hoax. The competition for superior technology was fierce and theorists claim that it would have been cheaper to fake the moon landings, and prove to Russia that the U.S. had greater technology. The evidence provided by these theorists include many anomalies such as: 1. the waving flag theory. Conspiracy theorists point out that when the landing was televised viewers could see the American flag fluttering as Armstrong and Aldrin planted it on the moon. Being that they were in space there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere thus a flag waving is impossible. 2. Multiple light sources. When on the moon the sun is the only light source therefore all shadows should run parallel to one another. This was not the case, in various videos and pictures from the landing, shadows are clearly seen in many different directions. 3. Van Allen radiation belt. En route to the moon the astronauts would have to travel through the Van Allen radiation belt. Theorists claim that the extremely high levels of radiation would have cooked the astronauts if they had gone through it. 4. Slow Motion walking. In order to explain how NASA mimicked the low gravity conditions on the moon theorists contend wires and hidden cables were used to show the astronauts floating

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