Monomyth Archetype on "Step Not Taken" D, Angelo

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ENG4U-B Lesson 4, In Paul D’Angelo’s essay, “The step not taken”, the hero goes through the three stages of monomyth archetype, Separation, struggle or initiation, and return and reintegration. In this essay I will try to explain my understanding of how the hero transformed throughout the three stages and the wisdom he was able to gain in his transformation. The hero starts by refusing to help a man and the essay ends with the hero regretting his actions and apologizing to the man. He had to go through these stages and get in touch with his own spiritual side to come to his final point. The separation stage starts when the hero gets a call to an adventure and ends with the hero fully accepting the quest. In D’Angelo’s essay the separation stage starts when the man who stepped in to an elevator with the hero begins to cry. I think this is the point where the hero gets a call to an adventure. It’s a choice between going out of the society’s norm and trying to comfort the man, or to just ignore him as thought proper by the society. And the hero refuses the call by stepping out of the elevator without even looking back. The second step in the separation stage is the arrival of the magical being to guide and assist the hero to accept the quest. I think In D’Angelo’s essay his own conscience serves this purpose. After he stepped out of the elevator he starts to feel guilt. I think this sense of guilt and regret came from the benevolent guide, his conscience. After this, he starts to question whether he should search for this man to see if he is okay, and whether this person will commit suicide or whether he is mentally disturbed. The regret and the fact that D’Angelo starts to wonder about things like what weighed down the man so much that he burst into tears, shows that D’Angelo separated himself from the familiar social realm or the comfortable known world in to

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