Muhammad Atta Essay

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In the text “The Last Days of Muhammad Atta”, Martin Amis uses words of strong emotion and detail which help you analyze how he was on the inside, rather than judging who he was by his actions. One quote that showed a characterization for Muhammad Atta was, “Now he recomposed himself. Never in his life had he spoken his mind”. This quote shows Atta was possibly insecure of his words, or just shy. He kept things to himself, and was secretive about what was going on in his mind. While in the airport, “another gust of nausea gathered about Muhammad Atta, like a host of tiny myrmidons. He waited for them to move on, but they did not do so, and, instead, coagulated in his craw. Muhammad Atta went to the men's room and released a fathom of bilious green. He was still wiping his foul mouth as he walked out on to the tarmac and climbed the trembling metal steps.” He knew what he was doing was wrong, and because of that his stomach turned and he was feeling ill. Regardless to how he was feeling, he wiped his mouth after throwing up and was able to continue to his cruel mission. He denies having feelings towards what is going on, until Amis says, “Muhammad Atta had decided that romantic and religious ardour came from contiguous parts of the human being: the parts he didn't have.” This pretty much shows that Atta has no feelings, and doesn’t believe in love and he just can‘t feel the love or sorrow or anyone in the world. “They were called the 'bravest', accurately, in his view” Atta believes that the firemen where brave to risk their lives for the people, and in a way believed he was doing it for Allah and wanted to stay loyal to his fellow those in his country that were expecting them to attack; he didn’t want to back down. “Muhammad Atta had studied architecture and engineering.” He was planned for what he was doing. He was determined and knew that the fire was going to be
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