Modern Man in Search of a Soul Essay

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PART 1, SUMMARY The book ‘Modern Man in Search of a Soul’, written by Carl Jung, consists of 11 different topics including dream analysis, the problems and aims of psychotherapy, his theory of types, collective unconsciousness and its relationship to spirituality. Jung’s original insight lies in a profound awareness of the powerful influence of myths and symbols on the human psyche. That while it is true that man makes symbols, it is also equally true that symbols make man. In the book he explores the lack of spiritual-psychological part of modern man deprived of those symbols that give meaning to life. Jung divides the psyche into the ego, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. He uses the concept of the symbolism of dream which Freud advanced but he combines it with mythology, religion and philosophy which allows him to theorize a universal unconscious that reveals itself in symbolic form via dreams, mysticism and religion. Carl Jung talks about dreams from the personal unconscious, which help a person to fulfill his individual destiny. Dreams from this level are made up of images that are collected during a person’s lifetime. In addition, Jung maintains that the goal of man should be to become a total whole individual. He can achieve this through the individuation process. Individualization is self-realization. Jung argues that man is so taken by the materialist aspect of life that he ignores the greater part of himself, which is his essence. He also argues about modern man giving up on his individuality to state mass mindedness. He looks to the state for all his needs and no longer stands as a separate individual. All types of propaganda and mass advertising are manipulating him pulling him away further in his search. In order to regain his proper place in the universe man must assert his individuality. He must develop his inner self and

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