Mixed Blood Essay

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In his article, entitled Mixed Blood Jeffery M Fish examines the cultural base of racial beliefs and concludes race to be a myth. To support his argument, Jeffery Fish illustrates an outline of human evolvement. He argues that that individuals differ physiologically because of adjustment to regional environments and these relative adjustment does not define human into individual races. In America, racial terms such as “black” or “white” does not discriminate between separate human species. Its very much alike the terms tall or short. Fish proposes the idea that our perception of race is culturally subjective. American approach of racial categorization is called hypo-descent, or “blood” descent. It means race is decided through an individual’s blood history. If a person has a black parent or grandparent, then that individual will be categorized as black regardless of the color of his or her skin. The cultural principles of “black blood” and “white blood” do not represent the physiological pragmatism of human dissimilarity. Another example Fish presents is the Brazilian tipo. an individual’s race is defined through physical traits, such as light hair, curly hair, dark skin, blue eyes, thick lips, think nose, and any other combination of trait. Such Examples are loura who are whiter than white, straight blonde hair, blue or green eyes, narrow nose and thin lips, then mulata who have dark tight curly hair, dark skin, broad nose, thick lips and also branca, people with light skin color, hair not tightly curled, nose that is not broad, and lips that are not thick. As we can see, Brazilian examples of race doesn’t trace back to its ancestry. Fish uses the phrase, “garbage in/garbage out” to resolve the idea that science shouldn’t depend upon socially defined racial information when developing demographic models. Fish quotes the Bell Curve controversy and
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