Mitazapine Case Study

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QUESTION 1 A) The medication is Mirtazapine 15mg at night & Duloxetine 30 mg dose Counseling points for Mirtazapine : 1- It may cause drowsiness and increase the effect or alcohol 2-Do not drive or operate machinery 3- Do not stop it abruptly 4-It will help you to sleep 5- It may increase appetite and weight gain. 6 -Avoid alcohol B) 1-MAO’s drug as it may provoke hypertension and angina ,and to avoid complication as elderly are sensitive to it (increases morbidity ) 2-TCAS as it may also worsen angina and increase cardiac abnormalities It causes postural hypotension, which can contribute to falls and fractures,and anticholinergic effect.. These last can include delirium, urinary retention, dry mouth, and constipation.…show more content…
References : C) the QCPP is a community pharmacy accreditation program that aims to maintain high level of safety ,staff training ,professional services and customer care. For pharmacy proprieties ,it can help to identify your customer expectations and understand their needs then you may take on new professional services It provides training for the pharmacy staff so that customers consistently receive the best advice and the best product and service .it also templates and procedures help how the pharmacy operates and gives the pharmacy team a picture of the need of the business then the team will be able to make appropriate decision and get the benefit form their carriers. Finally ,QCPP is a great support and it is with all we have said above .it makes benefit to
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