Cirriculum Objective Essay

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Curriculum Objective Hand hygiene is significant in the prevention of diseases and spread of infection. Educational leaders are inspired by curriculum objectives, providing educational opportunities to health care organizations and communities with the simple basics of hand hygiene for health prevention. Planning an approach for hand hygiene education with Bloom’s Taxonomy is the desired outcome for prime compliance. Delivery of education enhances memory with a variety of staging elements of learning. Delivery of educational modules with testing, along with hand hygiene pamphlets and lectures with demonstration complements the goal for best health. The propelling broadcast of hand hygiene importance throughout a health care organization provides knowledge to all, reaching out to staff, patients, and families. Community knowledge regarding hand hygiene importance can help to decrease infections and enhance best health practices. Lesson Plan for Hand Hygiene Roll-Out Table 1: Bloom’s Taxonomy and Critical Thinking for Hand Hygiene Knowledge Recall Comprehension Understand Application Use and Practice Analysis Dissect and Generalize Synthesis Create and Combine Evaluation Appraise and Value Educational Modules Hand hygiene is highly significant in the prevention of diseases and spread of infection. As nurses, patient teaching is always a part of our nursing care. Various patients require different learning styles and have different learning needs. Moreover, health care professionals and other health care workers need to learn the basic of hand hygiene and improve their knowledge regarding the practice of good hand hygiene. Planning the lecture well ahead of time of the delivery will help to the success of the presentation. Using audiovisuals can significantly enhance teaching, stimulate learning, and add interest on the part of the

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