The Miranda Rights

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The Miranda Rights The Miranda Rights helps ensure that citizens’ rights are being carried out under the U.S. Constitution. It all started with the story of the famous court case Miranda v. Arizona, which began in 1963 concerning the arrest of a young man named Ernesto Miranda. It had a significant impact on the way police officers in the United States do their jobs. It gave basis to new rules to help ensure the fair treatment of criminal suspects. “The case captured nationwide attention which focused on a central issue in American law enforcement: How can the legal system balance the rights of the accused with the rights of law-abiding citizens (Sonneborn, page 5)?” Miranda v. Arizona (1963) was one of the most controversial court cases that spread nationwide. The outcome of the case was the Miranda Rule which must be followed today when police officers are making an arrest. The Miranda Rule would take effect after the trail of a horrific crime against an innocent young woman who lived in Arizona. “It all began on the night of March 2, 1963, when eighteen year old Lois Ann Jameson was working in the concession booth at the Paramount Theater in downtown Phoenix, Arizona (Sonneborn, page 7).” Lois had closed down the theater as she did every Saturday night. Lois left with a co-worker whom she shared the bus ride home with heading in the northeastern edge of the city. Lois lived at home with her older sister Sarah, mother, and her brother- in- law. It was sometime after midnight which became the pivotal moment in Lois’s life. Lois got off the bus alone and only had a few blocks to walk before she would arrive home. While Lois was walking a car backed out of the driveway very quickly nearly hitting Lois. The car passed a few homes before making a complete stop. A young man got out of the car and quickly walked toward Lois. As soon as he caught up to Lois he

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