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Stephanie Richard Texas Bound " The Death Of My Father" It was a nice crisp winter day in January 2005, my mother and I were getting ready to go grocery shopping with my grandmother, (because at that time my mom did not have a driver's license, so my gram brought us to do things). We were getting ready to leave and saying goodbye to my dad, I found it strange the way he said goodbye to us, he said, "bye, I love you" and he never really said that. Very rarely did he say I love you. Not paying much mind to it we headed out. At the grocery store my mom and I were having a good mother daughter day when all of a sudden they called her name over the loud speaker. She went to see what was wrong and when she came back she said we needed to leave. I knew something was wrong, I could tell by the way she was acting. I asked, "what's going on mom?" She then replied " we need to find your gram and go to…show more content…
I arrived in Texas a few hours later. I was met at the airport by my mom's friend. While in Texas I found a job working at I Hop, which is a restaurant known for their pancakes. After a few months I had to quit my job because I was no longer welcome to stay in my mother's friend's home. I felt very uncomfortable being there any longer. I called my gram, she arranged for me to take a Greyhound bus to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Missouri, that way I could ride back to New Hampshire with them when they drove here to visit. I was excited to get back home and see everyone, I had been gone for almost 5 months. When we finally pulled into my gram's driveway we were met by my whole family. It felt great knowing how much they missed me, my Aunt, Uncle and their children. I was so excited and happy to see how well my mother was doing, and to see how much happier she was. Our life was finally getting back on track. As much as I needed to leave I was also glad to be back

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