Miranda Essay (the Tempest)

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Michael Young Mrs. Watson English 10 30 November 2012 The Tempest Miranda Essay In William Shakespeare's play The Tempest, there are two people that were sent on an island alone, Prospero and his daughter Miranda. They have been on the island for about 12 years, since Miranda was three years old. Miranda had always been very childish, dependent on her father, and naive, but as she got older she stayed the same even as a teenager. One day there was a shipwreck, there were at least ten people on the ship, Alonso, King of Naples, Sebastian, Alonso's brother, Antonio, Prospero's brother, Ferdinand, Alonso's son and Prince of Naples, Gonzalo, a kind Neapolitan courtier, Adrian, a lord, Francisco, another lord, Trinculo, King's jester, Stephano, King's drunken steward, and Boatswain, he's not vital to the story. Prospero had known about the shipwreck and didn't want to alert Miranda, even though she already found out. Since Miranda hasn't seen any other person besides her father, she was a tad scared. As the people began to adapt and look about the land, Ferdinand had seen Miranda and fell in love. Ferdinand began talking to Miranda, but Prospero didn't approve, "Why speaks my father so ungently? This is the third man that e'er I saw the first that e'er I sighed for. Pity move my father to be inclined my way!"(Page 23), by this quote Miranda has began to talk back to her father. She wants to have it her way and marry Ferdinand because it's the third man that she's ever seen and wanted to be with. Ferdinand camps out in the forest and Miranda sneaks out to see him, although Prospero follows her unobserved. When Miranda is with Ferdinand she asks him if he needs help, she tries to help but broke his hest instead. They talk and she says, "Be of comfort. My father's of a better nature, sir, than he appears by speech. This is unwonted which now came from him." Miranda and
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