Jeremy Atticus Finch's Incident In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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Maycomb, 10 March- A nine year old girl and her 13 year old brother, cheated death after they were attacked in a wood near here yesterday.The incident caused Jeremy Atticus finch or better known as Jem among his family and friends to suffer for the rest of his life. He had a few injuries and a broken arm. According to the victim, which is also the younger sister of Jem- Jean Louis Finch aka Scout, she and her brother were on their way back from the town’s hall after attending the Halloween pageant show. They did not suspect anything as they use that road every single day as it was the short cut to their house. Suddenly, a man came out of nowhere grabbed her. “ I was inside my costume so he could not reach me”. Angry with the circumstance, the man tried to squeeze Scout inside of her costume. Strong brotherly instinct had drove Jem made his moves in order to protect his sister. However a child is a child, Jem was unable to do anything. He was slammed by the man. The man did not stop there. He kept…show more content…
Few weeks ago, Mr. Finch, the father to the kids, stood as attorney to defend Tom Robinson in a court case filed by Ewell. Mr. Ewell accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, Mayella Ewell. However, Mr. Finch have a concrete evidence to prove that Tom was innocence. A few days after the trial, Ewell went to meet Mr. Finch and he spat on Finch’s face. However, Mr. Finch did not show any response but saying that he wishes Bob Ewell had not smoke. Mr. Ewell also swore that he will do something bad to Mr. Finch. Nobody knew the true reason why he wanted to harm Mr. Finch or his family. But, after the various events, it can be deducted that Ewell was angry with Mr. Finch for defending Tom Robinson. Mr. Finch proved that Tom Robinson was not guilty. Perhaps, Ewell was also angry because Mr. Finch had caused his Daughter, Mayella Ewell to break down emotionally during the

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