Miracle At Philadelphia Essay

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Miracle at Philadelphia "Miracles are propitious accidents, the natural causes of which are too complicated to be readily understood." - George Santayana What is a miracle? Some may consider a miracle to be an improbable or extraordinary event through supernatural or unusual efforts. However, colonists of the 18th century developed a miracle that eventually changed the world. It all began with a wish, a wish for a great interference in the lives of colonists -- a wish for a new form of government, separation from Europe and great wealth. New institutions had to be created, new habits of thought cultivated. Overall, Philadelphia, as well as all cities of the 13 colonies, needed a pursuit of equality. Today, this legendary miracle is now considered the constitution convention. This convention took place in Philadelphia from May 14 – September 17, 1787. The city of Philadelphia in 1787 was a hot and humid city. Throughout the convention, the climate became an inconvenience to all. The delegates had difficulty working while some were getting sick of the overheated temperature. This effected the creation of the constitution later on because it made a difficult task even more difficult. Despite the weather, Philadelphia was considered a struggling, undeveloped environment. However, the population rate increased due to immigration and high birth rates from colonial families. Philadelphia’s dependable food and fertile land brought many immigrants Rovetto 2 to the central colonies. Eventually, a majority of the population consisted of multi-cultural settlers. This led to the welcoming of all ethnicities. Over time, Philadelphia was considered America’s most cosmopolitan city due to the formation of different cultures from many countries around the world. Philadelphia thrived for equality and eventually spread the ambition among the 13 colonies. Philadelphia was a

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