Military Logistics Essay

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Logistics Management Assignment 1. Military Logistics – An Overview "Victory is the beautiful, bright colored flower. Transport is the stem without which it could never have blossomed.” -- Sir Winston S. Churchill, The River War, vii (1899) Military Logistics is a key aspect that not only cannot be ignored, but also can prove to be the horseshoe nail that brings down countries in battles. Political and Military Leaders have waxed eloquently about the unsung heroes of victorious battles – The Military Logistician. Military Logistics a a key function that satisfies many aspects of supporting the Strategic interests of the operations such as – Equipment Maintenance Equipment is the heartbeat of any military operation. Equipment can range from Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Arms and Ammunition, Navigation Systems, Electronic Surveillance Equipment (Cameras, Night Vision Glasses, Microphones, telescopes and Binoculars), Aircrafts and associated equipment, Ships, Infrastructure Items (Buildings, Camps, Roads and Bridges, Workshop Equipment,) Medical Equipment, Catering Equipment and so many more thousands of categories of equipment. Maintenance od spares, Period Maintenance and Breakdown Maintenance are critical tasks for Logisticians. Managing hundreds of OEM for warranty service, service knowhow, technical documentation, service manuals, upkeep of history of maintenance and doing all this in a cost effective manner within budgets is a major challenge. Training Services Military Logisticians provide training for military which again include Combat Training, Safety and First Aid, Equipment usage and maintenance, personality development, Cultural and Language skills development amongst several other training needs. This again requires meticulous planning and acquiring of adequate trainers with cutting edge
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