Migration from Turkey to Germany

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Migration from Turkey to Germany: The first mass migration took place during the economic miracle after the currency reform (1948). The economy needed workers and there weren’t enough in Germany to satisfy the demand so foreign workers were needed. In 1961 Germany concluded a recruitment agreement with the Turkey and the migration started. It was planned that the foreign workers stay until the problem with lack of workers is solved but in the end they stayed much longed so that the number of German citizens with a Turkish background increased rapidly over time. In 1945 there were ~ 100 Turkish people in Germany, today there are about 1.7 million people with a Turkish background. They came from poor parts of the Turkey because of the low technological standards, overpopulation, low industrial standards, oversupply of unskilled workers and the aim to raise the standard of living of their families which were left alone in their home country. Later on the other family members followed to Germany and settled down. That leaded to a massive increase in the Turkish population and caused new social effects on both sites. A big problem was that they couldn’t speak German and the learning process took years and years so the integration procedure moved on very slow. The workers or the whole family felt mistreated or discriminated and their standard of living was partially degrading and so a two class society developed. But there were also some advantages for the families. The wages were high, they had better purchase possibilities, good hygienically standards and the German social contribution was considerably better than the Turkish one. Today there is a need for action because the situation is partly not better. To this day there are Germans with a Turkish background who can’t speak probably German because there is still a lack of integration. The government
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