How Did The Nazi Party Grow Up To The Great Depression

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Was the great depression the main reason why the Nazi party grew between 192 and 1932? Many people believe that the Nazi party grew so rapidly because of the great depression. The great depression caused many problems to people’s lives. One group of people that were affected were the middle class. The great depression meant that many of the families had lost their savings; it was horrible to know that all the money that they had saved throughout the years has just vanished so quickly. They were also afraid of the growing communist party; they wanted to abolish private companies, land and businesses. If this happened many of the middle class would lose their job where they were able to make money. Therefore because of this they saw Hitler as a strong leader who could help their country recover and…show more content…
The Nazis represented the return of traditional German values which went down well with the middle class people. The first two points are linked because the person are losing money already and if the country becomes a communist country then the businesses and land owners will lose more money therefore a big aspect in the great depression was that Germany was losing a lot of money. Hitler and the Nazi party gained a lot of supporters who voted for them at the elections. This was because Hitler appealed to them and was meeting their needs. I believe that Germany becoming a communist country was more of a big problem than families losing because once Germany became a communist country they were most likely going to stay like that for a long time however with the money lost the families could always find new jobs. Moreover in my opinion I think that middle class support helped gain many votes for the Nazi party. The middle class people link to the big businesses. Many middle class people owned big businesses and with Hitler coming into power it made them feel secure of communism, if
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