Middle Field Hospital Case Study

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As CEO of Middle field hospital I believe specific strategies need to be developed in order to improve the financial performance of the hospital. One of the problems at Middle field is competition from a nearby hospital. The nearby hospital that competes with Middlefield has opened a wellness center that offers a comprehensive array of preventative and wellness services to the community. This facility is attracting young families to seek services at this location. At Middlefield we have been relying on our reputation too much. We are known for giving quality care but we have to make sure we can prove this to the community that we serve. We need to develop a similar preventative wellness center. We want the people in the community to know that…show more content…
This creates unnecessary high cost for the hospital. The emergency department becomes over crowded with non-paying patients leaving no space for patients with private insurance. Majority of ED visits from the uninsured could be better served by a primary provider the problem is the uninsured does not have the means to receive such service from primary physicians. One solution is to create a case management program that focuses on serving individuals with a history of using the Emergency Department for non-emergent issue. The program would use case managers and a database tracking system to enhance patient access to regular healthcare services, connect patients to regular healthcare services and help combat logistical interference in getting the right care. Solution: Identification of potential clients: If the patient indicates a basic need (for food, shelter, etc.) during a visit to the emergency department the attending nurse or physician can initiate a referral to the case management program by giving the patient information about the program and placing an order in the chart. The case managers and program director receive weekly reports of these
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