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Abstract This paper explores how to receive an education and advance within the health informatics career. A variety of sources are combined to show the nature of the job, duties, and the salary you could expect based upon the type and location of the position. The healthcare informatics degree has been specialized over the years because of the increasing demand for credentialed applicants, but research also shows that receiving a degree in information systems and healthcare administration will cover the basic topics needed to start at entry level. Locally, the jobs available are mostly listed separately within information systems and healthcare, but there are a few exceptions where clinics want the truly educated and knowledgeable individual.…show more content…
These duties only slightly change when a person advances in their position to health information supervisors and managers, auditor, compliance review, or clinical documentation and improvement specialists (Coeira, 2012). The increasing use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) will continue to change the job responsibilities, but staying current with technology and medical advancements along with government regulations will ease those changes (Cai, Hing, Hsiao, & Socey,…show more content…
The CCS is a credential a step above a CCA and the RHIA is the level above a RHIT. Completing these additional credentials shows a commitment to staying current in your chosen career. Conclusion Even though a health informatics position does not include direct patient care, it is still essential to the care of a patient. Earning your degrees in information systems and healthcare administration will give the foundation needed to excel. Going beyond traditional education and receiving national credentials will set a person apart from their fellow workers and almost guarantee the choice of job placement. Appendix A The American Health Information Management Association did a study that delves deeper into factors driving pay. They looked at how many people were employed within each healthcare setting with acute care employing the majority of technicians. The graph depicts the average salary by job setting, including job level for health information careers. Also, the study broke down the salary be geographic region displayed on the

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