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SAMPLE CASE ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY– MANAGEMENT 602 The purpose of this sample case analysis is to demonstrate how to identify the applicable strategic management principles by name and apply them to the facts of this case If you were the consultant, this would be your assignment: 1. Create a situational analysis 2. Identify and explain the relevant strategic management issues 3. Create in-depth solutions and recommendations based on your analysis Step 1 – Create a Situational Analysis Applegate Production Corporation is a five year old internet development firm who creates award winning web sites and helps position client’s web sites to top search engine rankings. They started with three of the nations most respected designers who earned advanced degrees in systems design, graphics and animation. The company recently grew to a 150 employee firm. The founders main desire is to position the firm as the number one internet design and positioning firm in the USA; however new firms are emerging with equal or superior talent. The founders have no prior business experience and serve as their own HR department. There is no formal organization plan; poor record keeping and a disorganized and unmotivated array of fairly unproductive employees. It seems like the more people that join the firm, the more disorganized it becomes. During the course of their first month on the job, two of the new employees stole some trade secrets and sold them to a competitive company and the founders didn’t have a clue about this activity, or were there intellectual property rights adequately protected. One of the founder’s good friends who recently received her MBA suggested that they engage the services of a reputable management consultant to analyze the companies operations and offer suggestions and council as to how to turn the firm into a well organized and

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