A Novice Managers Tale of Woe

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Case Study #2 A Novice Managers Tale of Woe Synopsis Tricia Monet, a 23 year old Missouri transplant living in Sioux City, Iowa decided that an accounting career was not for her. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in accounting Tricia thought that a job working with the public would be exciting and rewarding. She had limited experience in supervision and management. Tricia comes from a large family and very much values the relationships she has with them. Working alone as an accountant was most likely not meeting her need for human interaction. Tricia found and applied for a job as assistant director in a national chain retail store. She was quickly hired to work alongside 2 other assistant directors, one of whom had more management experience than she did, as well as both full time and seasonal employees. Tricia was highly motivated after training commenced but was not aware of the current state of the store and would become increasingly dis-enchanted over a period of a handful of months. The store was not being managed well currently and the store director Heather was resentful of the companies hiring practices that excluded her from the process. Shortly after Tricia was hired Heather left the company and Tricia was promoted to the position despite almost no experience in retail management. She again was very motivated and rose to the challenge. The company had a ranking system in place that tracked the stores by their sales and goals met but all stores were held to the same standards despite being different sizes. This made it difficult for goals to be met, if at all, thereby creating tension and turnover in the smaller stores. In addition, if goals were met only the directors and assistants were rewarded. Tricia soon discovered that cleaning up and organizing the store as well as rewarding the employees for their efforts was turning the

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