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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan MGT/311 May 31, 2012 Mr. Sumner Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Sandra Wilson, Leslie Walker, and Frank Thompson are the employees who participated in the self-assessments. The manager identified the strengths and weaknesses of the employees based on the assessments and developed a management plan for the organization to best capitalize on the employees’ characteristics. The results of Frank Thompson's assessments indicated a job satisfaction rating below the means, exhibited high engagement, and positive emotions during the assessment. Leslie Walker scored higher than the means in job performance, demonstrated high engagement, and exhibited positive emotions. Sandra Wilson scored below the means in job satisfaction, is only moderately engaged, and expressed relatively neutral emotions during the assessment. Sandra Wilson's assessment results reveal that she may be engaging in deviant behavior or negatively influencing other employees in the organization. Two of the three self-assessed employees, Leslie Walker and Frank Thompson, are highly engaged, which would positively affect the organization’s performance. These employees are committed to their responsibilities, positively motivated, and fulfilled. Both Leslie Walker and Frank Thompson exhibited positive emotions in their assessments, which leads to self-confidence, enthusiasm for the job, and willingness to help others. Neutral or negative emotions such as Sandra Wilson may cause stress, unhappiness on the job, depression, and reduced productivity. The additional assessments recommended for Leslie Walker include: What’s My Basic Personality?, How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity?, and How Involved Am I in My Job? Frank Thompsonshould consider taking the: What is My Emotional Intelligence Score? and the Do I Trust Others?

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