Mgt/311 Week 1 Assignment

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Self Assessments Test How satisfied am I with my job? Person A: 9 Low score, This individual seems as if he is unhappy with some part of his job (supervision, pay, lack of advancement, co-workers, work itself) or possibly not problems with work, maybe he has a predisposition for having a negative attitude (meaning unhappy). ME: 84. I have a high score, and appear to be very satisfied with job (mean- 74-76) Kyle: 86. High score, this employee is very satisfied with his job. What’s my emotional intelligence score? Person A: 35. Mid-range score. Can manage others decently and work in a team well. ME: 39. Almost a high score, I possess skills and competencies that influence my ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures. Kyle: 38 Mid-range score. Manages others well when instructed but prefers not to. Am I a deliberate decision maker? Person A: 25 midrange score. This individual has a blended style of decision making, a combination of collecting info, weighing alternatives while still being able to quickly come to a deliberate decision. ME: 28. I have a high score. I am Deliberate and decisive. I experience a high level of emotional stability, and high in consciousness. Kyle: 26 Mid-range score. Incorporates a blended style of decision making, is able to make deliberate decision in the right circumstances while other instances he thoroughly explores all options before coming to a decision. Am I engaged? Person A: 17. Low score, clearly not engaged in work ME: 32. Mid-range score. I am satisfied and committed to job; I perform better and help others more. Kyle: 32. Mid-range score. This individual is satisfied and committed to his employment, and can rise to the occasion to perform better and help others when needed. How am I feeling right now? Person A: 30. Mid-range, this individual has neither extraverted nor

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