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Microsoft Research Paper How successful is Microsoft in their organizational behaviors? The way a company organizes their behavioral management determines how successful or unsuccessful their company is. The organizational behavior concepts that have been discussed in our text over the past 8-weeks are decision-making, motivation, group behavior, communication, power and politics, organizational structure, organizational culture, human resource practices, and change management (Robbins, 2005). How are Microsoft’s business practices in these areas? Microsoft is an organization spread throughout multiple countries and the sell software related products for computers and similar devices – personal and business. However, for this particular paper I will be looking in-depth at how Microsoft has implemented the following organizational concepts and if they were successful, if they were not why – organizational structure, organizational culture, and their human resource practices. Have these concepts helped Microsoft in achieving their successes, not just small successes either. One company representative, in Microsoft’s flash presentation on their website contributed their successes to four factors, “…passion, long-term approach, the expectation of great results, and the expectation of individual excellence” (Microsoft, 2008). Will my research agree? Background Information Microsoft Corporation is a large company servicing many countries. They are responsible for developing, licensing, marketing and supporting software products for different computer devices, especially the personal computer and the needs of businesses. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Both Gates and Allen had a “passion” for technology and innovation when it was founded, still do to this day. They are presently headquartered in Redmond, Washington (,

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