Reasons to Invest in Microsoft

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Q. Write an essay about Microsoft (MSFT) company. Why is it a good investment? What are the business prospects? Make sure everything is original and logical. 750 -1000 words. Try to include some graphs. Look at financials, business segments, competitors, etc. Look at it from an investor’s perspective. Microsoft, a world leading Software Company that specializes in computing stuff has been on a rough patch for the last ten years. Its immense dip in share price in the early 00’s and a further dip in early 2009 makes it a decade in the low. The giant Corporation has faced an onslaught from its competitors’ Apple, Oracle and Google Inc. While its rivals products in the market seem to be doing well, they have a long list non- performing products including Msn and X box. Conventional wisdom has made many people believe that their happy days are past. So why is Microsoft an attractive company to invest ? Financials First is their shares are trading at a low price at the moment at $30 per share. Compare this to its main rival’s trade prices, Apple currently trading at $ 587 per share, Oracle at $28 per share while Google is trading at $582 per share. It makes Microsoft an affordable stock with their stability, we expect the price to continue to rise in the future given their stable revenues and continued innovation. The table below shows Microsoft’s price movement for the past 10 years. Microsoft's Stock analysis 60 50 40 30 PRICE(IN USD) 20 10 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 [Microsoft’s end year share price for ten years] Courtesy :( Microsoft Corporation has also had great financial results over the past ten years even though the share prices tell a different story. This can be shown by illustration in the table below which shows its annual revenues against the income. The

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