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Financial Analysis| Competition Bikes, Inc.| RJET Task 1| C.Smith 3/25 This report details the results of a review of Competitive Bikes, Inc. operation from December 31, Year 6 to December 31, Year 8. A1a. Horizontal Analysis Horizontal Analysis is the comparison of ratios or line items on a company’s financial statements over a particular period of time. A horizontal analysis sets the standard at a given date for instance, the beginning of the year (Horizontal analysis, n.d.). An integral part in performing a horizontal analysis is the ability to see the variation from one period to the next which are called trends (Horizontal analysis, n.d.). . Within the income statement, net sales increased by 33.3%, $150k, from Year 6 to Year 7. Then, a drastic decrease of 15% which is roughly $900k, took place from Year 7 to Year 8. The 33% increase showed the strength of the company, but the huge drop in sales demonstrated how Competition Bikes, Inc. (CB) struggled to attain a surge in its revenue which is the result of the 15% decline in sales caused by economic situations. The rise of cost of goods sold (COGS) by almost 32% contributed to the rise in net sales for Years 6 and 7. During Year 7 and 8, CB had an almost 15% drop in COGS which resulted in a bad year for the company. However, COGS remained less than the company’s net sales which is always a financial plus. Overall, a rise in revenue and reduction in cost adds to CB’s profitability in Years 6 and 7. In reviewing Competition Bikes total selling expense, it was able to ascertain a huge 33% increase from Years 6 and 7 then managed to decrease that spending in Years 7 and 8 for about 14.9% (approximately $59,000) which is a strength for CB because they were managing their spending. For the Total General and Admin Expenses, Years 6 and 7 had a 20.4 % increase while the following years, 7

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