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Ford Pinto Case Dilemma Business is business always aiming to maintain competitiveness and profitability as indicators of success. However business people should never forget their social responsibilities which are significantly important in maintaining the business ethics. In the case, alternative solutions to improve the car safety have been identified but because of limited time, competition became the top priority leaving behind the public safety by moving on with the plans of marketing the car with unsafe spare part (De George, 2006, p. 298). The company waddled in unethical decision blinded with the cost-benefit analysis which compared the value of life to economic costs. Such unethical inhumane decision suggests complete ignorance and negligence of the rights of others. If I were involved in the ethical dilemma such as that of the Pinto Case, I would prefer to choose whatever I believe is the most ethical decision. I would take the courage to remind the management of the possible trouble waiting ahead if marketing of the unsafe car is pushed through. I would remind the management that adding few dollars will not significantly affect the competitiveness in the market in the long run. The car may have an added cost more than the targeted price but once the consumers prove the good quality and high safety of the car the good reputation of the company will help in gaining back the added amount invested in the car to improve its safety. If that is not convincing to the management, then I would suggest informing or warning the public on the risk carried by the Pinto car. The company with passion to stay on top of the competition however will surely decline such suggestion. If I will no see no any success on convincing the people involved in the company to make ethical decision on marketing the Pinto Car, I would not hesitate to take courage to
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