Wake Up America. We’Re Driving Towards Disaster

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Wake Up America. We’re driving towards Disaster James Howard Kunstler’s essay “Wake up America. We’re driving towards Disaster” is an analytical narrative where Kunstler examines the current state of America based on the habits and beliefs in American citizens. Kunstler believes the current state of America is terrible and is only going to get worst. Kunstler’s argument is in order to avoid disaster in America we must rethink and reorganize the way we live our daily lives. In paragraph one Kunstler uses ethos when he writes “This is just another symptom of the delusional thinking that now grips the nation, especially among the educated and well- intentioned.” He writes this hoping he can show us that Americans brain wash themselves into thinking everything going to be alright and therefore we must rethink the way interpret problems, we as Americans cannot ignore the outside world, we must take everything into account and see how it effects our daily lives. Another point in the essay where Kunstler uses ethos is in paragraph two where he states “The public and the mainstream media misunderstands the peak oil story.” Kustler is stating that no one really understands the oil crises in America, whatever mainstream explanations are presented to us are not fully accurate. It is up to us to find out for ourselves and understand what is happening in the world around us. Therefore another way to avoid disaster in America would be to better inform ourselves and not believe everything presented to us by the mainstream media. Although Kunstler is telling us we depend too much on the media, he does not compare to the amount of dependency we put on oil and its use in individual cars. In paragraph six, Kunstler says “The worst part of our quandary: The American public narrow focus on keeping all our cars running at any cost.” Kunstler is telling us the worst part about

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