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My name is Leroy Jackson, consultant with Innovation Technology, Limited, a privately owned global marketing and advertising research company headquartered in New York City with subsidiaries on four continents. The company is actively engaged in more than ninety countries Innovation Technology is one of the world’s leading companies who provides marketing information. Clients include government agencies, banks, credit bureaus, private and public entities. The company specializes in the following areas: • Creates customized products and services • Designs Performance Management Software • Develops Predictable Analytics • Provides Complete Profiles of Customers, i.e., lifestyles, buying behaviors and attitudes • Gathers Research Insights About Customers’ Preferences and Wants • Provides Marketing Segmentation Services • Software technology available 24l7 • Availability of Professional Services/Consultants/Research and Development Teams • Provide Ideation and Evaluation Services The Problem: Chocoberry (CB) a major importer and processor of cacao beans have retained the services of Innovation Technology Limited. CB is facing a dilemma because the CEO wants new products that are healthier without straining relations with existing customers who made the CB wealthy. The problem is further compounded by the dissention between Dale Berry, (CEO), Terry Hersch, (VP New Product Development) and Pat French (VP Manufacturing). Both Berry and Hersch wanted a new product but French was against such a development. The Approach: Engaged by CB to consider alternatives, I would first reiterate what steps led to Innovation Technology being retained. Problem 1: The current products of CB lead to obesity and associated with heart disease, which is the meritorious reason that justifies a needed change. Problem 2: A departure or change in focus with

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