Mexico Organizational Reward System Essay

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Mexico’s organizational reward system Introduction To design a proper organizational reward system for the plant in Mexico, one must understand and recognize the different motivational patterns across their culture. “According to Katz & Kahn (1978) different motivational patterns are likely to exist across the different sectors of the economy” (Okafor & Amalu, 2012). In Mexico, they prefer collectivism, which means they value the good of their family, friends and/or group environments in or outside of the workplace (Deresky, p.387, 2011). In Mexico, commitment and loyalty is crucial, and it is usually how decisions and actions made within an organization, which determines employment, promotion, or contracts special treatments. Most workers in Mexican are poor; therefore, the motivational factor of importance is making money with fringe benefits due to most workers inability to pay. In Mexico, workers have come to expect certain perks such as bonuses regardless of productivity. In addition, a law established which requires employers to give bonuses during Christmas with pay for 15 days (Deresky, p. 389, 2011). Plant workers in Mexico need incentive due to how they priorities, family first, and their leisurely attitude toward time. With all that said, the reward system for the plant in Mexico would be one that offers an incentive compensation plan which includes non-monetary and monetary rewards, with fringe benefits in order to motivate the workers. “Rewards usually fall into financial, social status, job content, career, and professional categories depending on organization” (Deresky, p. 391, 2011). As well, “Non-monetary and monetary rewards can be used to motivate employees (Davoren, 2013). Non-monetary rewards offered will include company family events, picnic, and flexible work schedules. “By allowing some flexibility in an employee’s schedule

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