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Andres Torres Vermillion English 1 4/26/2012 Outline: Meth Abuse I. Introduction: A. Background: Methamphetamine is smoked with a pipe, or injected through the veins. It is a very addicting drug. Methamphetamine is one of Americas biggest enemy, it causes millions of tax payers money. B. Thesis: Methamphetamine the that drug kills many, saves none. Yet no one is doing nothing to stop it. Main Point#1: Methamphetamine is brought from Mexico, or made here in the United States. A. “We must keep pace with our neighboring states to ensure that Illinois doesn't become the shopping mall of the Midwest”. -Lisa Madigan B. “Methamphetamine seizure rates inside the United States and along the U.S.-Mexico border have increased markedly since…show more content…
A. Fear, maybe a little booster of paranoia and suspicion, from use of methamphetamine. It will also take you to the hospital.-Michael Cripsy “I'm a methamphetamine addict and I'm admitting that in this court. I'm done with all the lies ... I need treatment”-John English Main Point #3: Although millions of dollars are wasted on stoppping methamphetamine. It keeps living. A. “Methamphetamine causes much more destruction in a much shorter period of time.”- Joe Biden B. “They're not actors. They're real people. I would hope anyone who sees them will take away the extreme danger that the use of methamphetamine imparts to anyone fooslish enough to use it.”- Greeley Wells Main Point #4 Although many are dead, it teaches life lessons to people. To never do it in there lives. A. “Lessons must be learned to the younger generation, and the meth abuse photos will teach them.”-Charles lee B. “The dead are life lessons to the new generation of meth users.”-Kyle addams C. “It's sad that it takes dead people, to learn life lessons over methamphetamine.”-Ice

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