Res/351 Week 2 Business Research Ethics Paper

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Individual assignment week 2 “Business Research Ethics” Student: Aiduleik Rodriguez Course: Business Research RES/351 22 April 2013 Instructor: Erick Ahrens Introduction The business research ethics is a topic very sensitive in today’s business world. Many companies are suffering from plagiarism, piracy, and many other unethical behaviors in different industries. Very often people see different commercials and propaganda about products or service that promise to be the perfect product for the clients. The researcher is responsible for the unethical behavior within any research, experiment or investigation. In this paper I am going to analyze an article from Ethics World website. The article is a report from the US Government Department of Justice that involved the pharmaceutical giant Allergan Inc. The Allergan Inc. creates the famous biological Botox treatment. The pharmaceutical plead guilty of promoting the biological drug for use without the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The Allergan Inc. Company paid 600 million dollar to give solution to the criminal activities and civil liabilities an issue create form the bad behavior and promotion of the Botox. The pharmaceutical…show more content…
Allergan Inc. is a big company in the pharmaceutical industry and was involved in this unethical behavior making millions of dollar without thinking in the wellbeing of the society. To resolve this case Allergan has to admit the unethical issue and collaborate to advice the society about the issue. Then take out of the market all the promotions about the product. Then apologize to the consumers and paid the price to help solve the issue. Drugs and medicine are very sensitive products that can killed people if there are not control and approved to
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