Metaphors In Advertisements

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1. Introduction The problem which is going to be discussed is the following: Metaphors in English Advertisement. This subject was chosen to show that metaphor has a great importance for human’s life, thoughts, behaviour and even the treatment of people who have mental diseases. The metaphors used in advertisements can not be clearly seen but they are widely used for the promotion of some products or services. Conscious or unconscious use of conceptual metaphors in advertisement helps to create the atmosphere of subtle details, which could not be shown otherwise. In order to create more effective advertisement one can use metaphors for a very specific and exact purpose, for example, by creating playful tension between metaphoric and natural meaning, it is easier to communicate to the audience which does not know that the metaphor is used to influence the reaction to the advertisement. By changing the usual way of seeing and understanding the world by using metaphors, people can open new semantic horizont, which allows to make new, unusual meaning in usual environment. This expands definition of advertisement. Rubavicius, a professor of philosophy and culture says that advertisement is multidimensional, cultural business, which is not only creating its own goods, but also seeds social values, specific point of view and ways of consumer behavior. Metaphor and advertisment can not be separated for the reason to manipulate on the public which is expected to be the client. This analysis will show what exactly is a metaphor and what functions it implies. It also shows the main psychoanalitics or scientists who had made big influence on defining metaphor, its kinds and using them in a daily life. 2. METAPHOR AS A PART OF A LANGUAGE 2.1 Metaphor: definition and use Metaphor is more easily recognized than defined. “It occupies a

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