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“A personalised induction will always be more effective” Discuss. Word Count: 2033 “A personalised induction will always be more effective” Discuss. An induction in hypnotherapy allows and ensures that the client is fully relaxed and engaged in the hypnotic process before making suggestion. Inductions can be verbally expressed to the client in a number of ways. In hypnotherapy, it is important to focus on the needs of the client, and therefore it is important for the individual to be assessed. Hypnotherapists often use time before therapy to find likes, dislikes, backgrounds and perspectives from clients in order to develop an induction best suited for them (Chrysalis, 2010). Inductions can be authoritarian or permissive, and based…show more content…
It is important for each word to be effective in the process of hypnosis, and the preferred and most effective language will be different for each person, due to individual differences. This is why personalised inductions are important. Messages need to be delivered to clients in words, rather than body language (Chrysalis, 2010), and this will be more effective when the words used are more personal to the client so they can relate to the words they are hearing and create more real imagery with a comfortable and safe experience. This comfortable and safe experience can be created in personalised inductions with the use of modalities. Modalities are used by altering the language to suit personality and client individuality. Using the correct or dominant modality for clients at the beginning of an induction means that the experience will be enhanced as the sub conscious will be more responsive to the internal representations. Without the use of modalities, clients will have to listen to language imagery that they feel less comfortable with and therefore may feel on edge which may make the hypnosis process less…show more content…
When carrying out group hypnosis, it is almost impossible to use personalised inductions. This is because each person in the group will have different preferences, values and beliefs and personalising the induction to only one person would be a disadvantage to each other person. This is also the case for inductions which are used in hypnosis CDs and DVDs. This material is widely used by the public who have not had an initial consultation with a hypnotherapist and so the hypnotherapist has no choice but to present a general induction as they have no chance to make a decision about their market. It is believed that the authoritarian technique is difficult to be used in group hypnotherapy sessions (Hadley and Straudacher, 1996), as well as permissive screeds. It is also likely that within the group, some may respond more effectively to an authoritarian induction and others may prefer a permissive

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