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A kitchen is a place that everyone needs in their homes because without a kitchen no one is able to cook or eat food. My kitchen is the best place and the worst place in my house. It is a best place because it is very big place. And it is a worst place because it is really messy. Once I was late for school and I had to make my breakfast and lunch for school. It took around an hour make my breakfast and my lunch, because I had to run back and forth to find all the items that I needed to make my breakfast. After eating my breakfast I was so tired that I did not have time to make my lunch so I went to school without lunch. My kitchen is messy because the refrigerator smells like garbage can, it looks scary at night, and there are bugs in the cabinets. The refrigerator in my kitchen is a place for the trash can. It is located in the entrance to the right, the refrigerator is black. It is…show more content…
If anyone were to enter my kitchen the smell of those dishes would make them run away. Usually, the flies and other bugs come without any invitation. Before cooking I collect all the items required to cook and cover it so nothing will go into the food. Sometimes, it is hard to cook because bugs usually get in my food, so while cooking I have to cover everything with plastic wrapper. In addition, all the cabinets in the kitchen are filled bugs and food that they eat. If I want to open a cabinet I have to wear a glove because on the knob of the cabinet there is usually a "poop!" After opening the cabinet there is usually a sound like fan running made by black flies and yellow bumblebees. I have to cover my face because flies and bumblebees fly outside and hit my face which feels like someone slapping. Sometimes when I open the cabinets there are usually dishes falling and it makes it sound of heavy rain falling. As a result, opening cabinets creates more work for me in clean and

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