Pros And Cons Of Dumpster Diving

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Dumpster diving In this selection, the author, Lars Eighner, tells about his personal experiences and opinions of Dumpster diving. This story is explaining the pros and cons of the Dumpster diving lifestyle and how to benefit from living off the wastefulness of other people. As a pro, Eighner states, that people throw away good things all the time, except for his jeans, all his clothes, boom boxes, candles, bedding, he acquired from Dumpsters. (pg. 22) Knowing what’s safe to eat, good locations, and having some knowledge and experience serves as big tools. Eighner tells about finding objects as becoming something of an urban art. Being aware of the source, he would frequent a dumpster for a steadily supply of fresh, sometimes warm pizza. (pg.23) Eighner would keep up with college schedule calling their dumpster area rich with discarded items at the end of a semester, before and after breaks, and around midterm. (pg.23) He states that’s when student’s through away food they don’t know if it’s going to go bad before they return. Eighner states that there are predictable series of stages all…show more content…
Eighner encounters spoiled food, bees, ants, dead animals, and scroungers. You will come across food that seems ok, but still makes you sick. No matter how careful the author is he still gets dysentery once a month, usually in the warmer months. (pg.25) Eighner states that ants are vicious and aggressive. Stating that it’s easy to brush against a surface and pick up half a dozen or more, usually in some sensitive areas. He runs across many pets lying in state in Dumpster, all not entirely dead. (pg.28) City bees harvest glaze, making the Dumpster at the doughnut shop more interesting. Scroungers make it hard for the divers to get the Dumpsters full potential. They come in with no thought of the others that the dumpster may serve. They are only wanting to profit, not in search of

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