Mercy or Justice Through Shakespeare King Lear

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There are many definitions to the English word “Mercy” Mercy: Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. Mercy: A disposition to be kind and forgiving. Us as human beings were brought into this world with love so it is only fitting that we live in this world lovingly and mercy is a type of love that we can show. Can we even be considered human if we are not loving to one another. Everyone needs to be shown mercy whether its demonstrated between a father and daughter or a wealthy man and someone less fortunate than him or to relationships returning to their unbroken state. Mercy can be received but it can also be given like it was on so many occasions in Shakespeare’s play. The foundations of society are many but without mercy perhaps the body of this layout would be without a heart. Mercy is the most fundamental gift we can give to others, expecting nothing in return it gives many a hope that us as a race are capable of love even though there is so much back stabbing and revenge seen in this world. In the play king Lear, mercy is an insatiable trait which is surrounded by so much hate and malice every time love is given it makes those moments so much more enjoyable. In the begging of the Play King Lear, Cordelia the king’s daughter, is outcast, cheated of her inheritance accused of being a wicked child and one that nature is a shamed of (I,i,215-219). Even though at the beginning of the play king Lear disowns his daughter and she has every right to be unloving to him; when they are reunited King Lear offers to harm himself but Cordelia turns that idea away and forgives him when she asks to take a walk with her father (4,VII,83). People want to see mercy, they want to see those that deserve worse receive compassion and mercy Lear deserved to be turned away but Cordelia showed tenderness to her aging father and
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