Mercy In King Lear

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ENG4U-B Unit 2 Lesson 9 Jeffery Dass What is the ultimate cure to help end countless acts of violence that becomes ongoing in an evil world[pic] Mercy. Mercy is the most crucial aspect to humanity; mercy is what drives peace, respect, and gives opportunity towards sanity. Firstly, the mercy King Lear expresses to Cordelia shows how mercy can restore relationships. Secondly, insufficient mercy leads to destructive relationships which cause others to drive into insanity. Lastly, Edgar’s crucial act of mercy led to his father Gloucester reaching an epiphany, that he was wrong by trusting Edmund. All three topics are relevant within Act IV and show how mercy is a critical aspect to life. I believe that mercy highly outweighs justice; mercy is the single most important quality to humankind which brings out peace. Whereas justice leads to an ongoing cycle of violence where nothing can get solved First, the mercy that King Lear willingly shows to Cordelia restores relationships. He openly states mercy towards Cordelia and says: “You do me wrong to take me out o’th’ grave: Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears Do scald like molten lead” (IV vii 45-47) This statement portrays how Lear admits that he was wrong in the past. He states that Cordelia`s soul is like heaven, whereas he is stuck in a wheel of fire. He is able to separate himself from the evil acts he has done. He is on the right path of understanding himself and finding wisdom. He reconciles towards mercy to solve his problems in the past with Cordelia, instead of extending his rage towards her he seeks
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